Wednesday Apr 23, 2014


Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014


Hey do you feel like a change in your daily school routine? Do you feel like a free lunch? How about hanging out with friends?


What if you could relax and do some yoga together or maybe go for a walk? What if you could listen to a famous Canadian musician? What if you could learn about some strategies to help you from getting stressed out?


If you answered yes and if you're in grade 10 then you need to hand in your permission form for the mental health conference taking place on May 2nd. Forms can be handed in at the office or to your Block C teacher.


Did you lose your form? Extra copies are available at the main office. Get your permission forms in now so you won't lose out!


Last week's improv can best be summarized in the following seven words: Most Impractical Ways of Moving Around Man. Seriously, Mr. Sacrey's life was changed. Anyway, this week's improv may just feature an appearance by a sepcial guest coach! Who are they? What will they do? Find out today at lunch in the drama room.

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