Courses Offered

ADA1OR- Open drama, grade 9

AMU1OR- Open music, grade 9

AVI1OR- Open art, grade 9


ADA2OR- Open drama, grade 10

AMU2OR- Open music, grade 10

AMV2OR- Open vocal music, grade 10

AVI2OR- Open art, grade 10


ADA3MR- University/College drama, grade 11

AEA3OR- Open exploring the arts, grade 11

AMG3MR- Open music (band), grade 11

AMV3MR- Vocal music, grade 11

AVI3MR- University/College art, grade 11

AWC3OR- Open ceramics, grade 11


ADA4MR- University/College drama, grade 12

AEA4OR- Exploring the arts, grade 12

AMG4MR- University/College guitar music, grade 12

AMU4MR- University/College vocal music, grade 12

AVI4MR- University/College art, grade 12

Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries available

(for more information see Mrs. Schandlen in the guidance office)

Fine Films Arts Award (NEW FOR 2018)


  • must attend or have recently attended Gravenhurst High School and have been involved in the Arts either in regular classes or in extracurricular activities at the high school.
  • All ARTS students are encouraged to apply; however, preference will be given to those focusing on FILM PRODUCTION.
  • The award must be used to purchase needed supplies or equipment for an accredited Arts Program beyond the secondary level.
  • The Final award will be decided by Fine Films reps after an interview (virtual or in person), with the candidates.  The award will be paid directly to the student at the start of the second year of the ARTS program.
  • Deadline to apply:  May 15, 2018,   $1,000 Award

2018 Fine films Arts Award Application


Muskoka Arts & Crafts – Elene J. Freer Art Scholarship


¨    be attending GHS and pursue post-secondary studies in visual arts or crafts

¨    $1200 for each year of study to a maximum of four years.

¨    Students must present a portfolio, a copy of their application or acceptance for post secondary education, a contact address, and a 500 word letter of intent

¨¨      deadline is June 9, 2017 Your application must be delivered to the Chapel Gallery, located at 15 King Street in Bracebridge, during its hours of operation, which are Tuesday to Saturday, from 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm. It may also be mailed to Muskoka Arts & Crafts, Box 376, Bracebridge, Ontario, P1L 1T7.


Paul  Irvine Memorial Art Award


¨       Current GHS student

¨    Student pursuing study in visual arts field at the post-secondary level

¨    Apprenticing with a master craftsman may also be accepted as a post-secondary experience

¨    Student who a) strives for achievement in art

  1. b) shows passion for art in addition to talent which may be as yet undeveloped
  2. c) is innovative and adventurous in his/her artistic pursuits

¨    fill out a self nomination form and submit to guidance

¨   present a portfolio of 5-10 original works of art for Dr. and Mrs. Irvine to examine

Paul Irvine Memorial Art Award application.


Sean Kelly Memorial Bursary –  Muskoka Men of Song


¨    fill out application form.  Deadline is April 15, 2018

¨       student must be a resident of Bracebridge, Gravenhurst or the Township of Muskoka Lakes

¨    student must be pursuing advanced training/education in music, and is experiencing financial limitations and/or accessibility to instruction

¨    student must provide a written, confidential recommendation from the applicant’s instructor.

¨    student must aspire to be involved in musical performance within the community

¨    student must demonstrate need for support