What is the G.H.S. Bursary Fund?

The G.H.S. Bursary Fund is a Charitable Organization set up to help G.H.S. graduates with financial assistance in their first year of post-secondary education.

The Fund is a registered Charity that accepts donations from local businesses, groups, and members of the public and issues tax receipts for all donations.

The Fund is administered by a volunteer board of teachers and community members and therefore has no administration fees.  One hundred percent of each dollar contributed goes directly to the students.

All donors to the Fund are acknowledged on the Commencement Program in June each year.

The recipients are chosen based on financial need demonstrated in October of their first year with the bursary awards being presented at the beginning of December.  The amount of the bursary award depends on the amount of donations received, the need presented by the student and by the number of applicants to the Fund.  Recipients are chosen by the Board of the Bursary Fund.

Why donate?

 Each year the cost of post-secondary education increases.  Each year approximately 70% of G.H.S. graduates pursue further education.



  • Most students work and save money toward their own education.
  • Most students apply for government student loans that they must repay.
  • Many students cannot afford the ever-increasing cost of further education.
  • G.H.S. students perform well academically when they have the opportunity to pursue post-secondary education.

How Can I Donate?

Please print out and complete the following GHS BURSARY FUND and make cheque payable to:  G.H.S. Bursary Fund.

If you would like more information regarding the Bursary Fund, please contact Gillian Humphries at Gravenhurst High School (705) 687-2283 ext. 33021 or fill out the form below.

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