Dress Code:

Students in the Trillium Lakelands District School Board are expected to dress in a manner which indicates a respect for the purpose of education and the tastes of others.  Specifically at Gravenhurst High School we expect the following:

* Hats/bandannas/hoods are to be removed upon entry to Gravenhurst High School.

* Students must wear clothing that is not revealing (i.e. clothing that adequately covers cleavage in breast and buttocks, and that covers the midriff area).

* Dresses and summer-type tops need to have strap(s).

* “Boxers” and “thongs” are not to be seen.

* Shorts and skirts must extend beyond mid-thigh.

* Offensive language and/or graphics on clothing, jewellery or body are not acceptable.  (For example:  racial slurs, alcohol promotion, sexual innuendos, etc.)