G.H.S.  Bursary Fund


  • ¨Be registered at a post-secondary institution
  • Demonstrate financial need – you should also be applying for OSAP if you are applying for this fund
  • Complete Part A of the application form (link below). Part B of the application will need to be completed next fall during your first semester of post-secondary studies. 
  • The value and number of recipients of the award varies each year. Decisions will be made by the bursary committee in November.
  • Recipients will receive their bursary by December of their first year at a post-secondary institution
  • Submit application to the GHS main office

GHS Bursary Application



** For MOST of these awards you will need to complete an application and submit it to the main office.  Use the link provided to access the application form.
** Unless otherwise noted, deadline for all applications in this section is May 31st.
 Aramark Bursary Pursuing post-secondary education

Preference given to student pursuing career in food service/hospitality industry



Aramark Nutrition Bursary


Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW Muskoka Charitable Trust)

Female student pursuing postsecondary education at college or university

Good academic standing (shows academic potential)

Demonstrated financial need

Proof of enrollment at post-secondary institution

$1500 Canadian Federation of University Women

Canadian Tire Gravenhurst Car Show Award

Graduating student pursuing post-secondary studies in an automotive trade. $500 No Application Necessary

Choquette Family Foundation Bursary

Demonstrate financial need

Provide proof of enrollment at a post-secondary institution

Be a permanent resident / Canadian citizen

Up to $20 000 – $5000 repeated each year for 4 years of study at a university or college

Opportunity exists for an additional $5000 scholarship for a full-term internship abroad

Choquette Family Foundation Scholarship application

Elexicon Dockside Festival of the Arts Award

Preference given to a student pursuing post-secondary studies in visual arts, music, drama etc… $500 No application necessary

Gravenhurst Family Physicians Scholarship

be a current student at G.H.S.

be accepted for admission as a full-time student at a post-secondary institution

demonstrate community involvement


Gravenhurst Family Physicians Scholarship


Gravenhurst Farmer’s Market / Wendy Boland Award

Preference is given to someone pursuing a career/post-secondary studies in fields related to agriculture, veterinary medicine, fish & wildlife, forestry, conservation, landscaping or plant biology

(hospitality and tourism is a secondary consideration)

$500 No application necessary

Gravenhurst Lions Club Bursary

be a current student at G.H.S.

be accepted for admission as a full-time student at a post-secondary institution

2 awards – $1500 each Gravenhurst Lions Club

Submit application to GHS main office or email:



Gravenhurst Rotary Club

Applicant must:

be a resident of Gravenhurst or attending school in Gravenhurst

be planning a post-secondary education at a University or College or, be upgrading or developing new skills in a program leading to a certificate

show a financial need

Rotary Club Bursary Application – 2020

** NOTE: Deadline is June 30th

For more information visit:



Independent Order of Oddfellows

Pursuing post-secondary studies at the college or university level

bursary provided once proof of attendance at post-secondary institution is confirmed

Must demonstrate financial need

The size of the award will be determined by current interest rates (Note: $500 awarded to each recipient in 2019). 2 annual awards (1 for male student and 1 for female student)



Kris Clement Award

must be a graduate of Gravenhurst High School

Preference would be given to a resident of Gravenhurst but not limited to

Provide proof of registration at a post-secondary institution or apprenticeship program


Kris Clement Award


Larry Petten Memorial Award


Sponsored by Elexicon

Current GHS student pursuing a trade

Registered in a college/university or apprenticeship program

preference given, but not limited, to candidates pursuing electrical trade or other electrical, engineering or computer studies program

$250 Larry Petten Memorial Award

Lieutenant Governor’s Community Volunteer Award

given to one student from each secondary school

recognizes exemplary student involvement in the community

Submit a detailed list outlining the volunteer opportunities you have been engaged in over the past 4-5 years. 

This list should be submitted to the guidance office by May 31st.


Lindenfield Estate Bursary

pursuing post-secondary education in a field related to human medicine (Health Sciences included) Varies each year – note: $650 awarded to recipient in 2019 Lindenfield Estate Bursary

Literacy Society of South Muskoka

current high school student pursuing post-secondary education

demonstrate financial need

$500 Literacy Society of South Muskoka

McConnell Memorial Foundation Awards

resident of Muskoka

demonstrate financial need

provide proof of registration and attendance at a post-secondary institution

Numerous awards given valued at $1500 each McConnell Bursary

Muskoka Lakes Association (MLA) Bursary

Student must demonstrate financial need to continue to their post-secondary education

Available to graduating students from:   GHS, BMLSS, and St. Doms

$5000 To apply, complete the attached application by April 19th and hand in to the Main office at GHS.

2019 Muskoka Lakes Association Bursary

A representative from MLA will pick up these applications on April 19th.


National Bank Financial Award

Supports students pursuing post-secondary studies $250 No Application Necessary

Nipissing University Award

Given to one student from each secondary school who has maintained at least a “B” average and has made an application to Nipissing University for the fall Notify your guidance counsellor if you have applied to Nipissing
 Ontario Power Generation Secondary School Student Achievement Award (SSSAA) Awarded to a student who is pursuing post-secondary studies any of the following fields:  Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Nuclear), Sciences, Trades and Technology, Environment, Information Technology, Mathematics, Physics, or Business

  • Requires strong oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Is of good academic standing (minimum B average)
  • Involved in extra-curricular activities and/or community volunteerism (Please submit a list of all your community involvement and extra-curricular activities with your completed application form)
  • Is legally eligible to work in Canada upon graduation
  • Signed Consent and release form from recipient(s) along with their grad photo must be provided to the OPG rep for use in OPG reports and community ads
Two annual awards per Ontario Secondary School

$250 per award


Preference 1 male and 1 female award recipient per school

OSSTF Gravenhurst HS Excellence in Education Award Given to a student(s) pursuing post-secondary education in social services or teaching – an interest in “working with kids”

Demonstrates financial need

$800 OSSTF Award

Paul Irvine Memorial Athletic Award



Male athlete in graduating year pursuing post-secondary education

Post-secondary education does not need to be associated with athletics or sport

Has displayed athletic skill at a high level and has been committed to sport during his high school career (school and/or community sport)

Value of award varies each year

Note: $700 awarded to recipient in 2019

Paul Irvine Memorial Award in Athletics

Have a teacher-coach and/or community coach and/or another individual complete the form and submit it with a letter of support from the nominee.


Paul Irvine Memorial Art Award

Current GHS student pursuing study in visual arts field at the post-secondary level

(Apprenticing with a master craftsman may also be accepted as a post-secondary experience).

Value of award varies each year

Note: $700 awarded to recipient in 2019

Fill out a self-nomination form and submit to guidance

Paul Irvine Memorial Award in Visual Arts

Present a portfolio of 5-10 original works of art for Dr. and Mrs. Irvine to examine


Retired Teachers of Muskoka Bursary

Awarded to a student who is in financial need and will graduate from a Muskoka School

money must be used for post-secondary school, including apprenticeships or post-secondary personal development programs (not necessary to be going into the education field to apply)

$2500 Written letter provided to Mrs. Pat Schofield (chairperson of the RTO Bursary Committee).

See application for detailed instructions.

Deadline for application to be received by Mrs. Schofield is April 29, 2020. 

Retired Teachers Bursary 2020

Robinson Haulage Graduating student pursuing work, apprenticeship or diploma in mechanics, heavy equipment operations or related trade.

Demonstrate financial need.

$500 No Application Necessary
Robinson Quarry Graduating student interested in environmental studies

Demonstrate passion (first), financial need (second) and be in good academic standing (third criteria).

$500 No Application Necessary

Rotaract Scholarship

Recipient should be a hard working student with a “B” average who is looking to further their educational experience in an apprenticeship, college or university. No Application Necessary

Russell and Elizabeth Cooke Bursary

Be a resident of the area municipality administered by the Town of Gravenhurst and have a minimum average of 65%

Current high school student – must provide proof of registration and attendance at a university

Approx. $1000 (determined by current interest rates) Russell and Elizabeth Cooke Bursary
Simcoe East District Women’s Institute


Graduating student

Demonstrate financial need

$200 No Application Necessary

Stan Darling Environmental Scholarship Fund

Student must be pursuing post-secondary studies at a Canadian University or College, must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident and have demonstrated outstanding environmental commitment involving community service and leadership during their time at high school

Demonstrated academic achievement and participation in volunteer and extracurricular activities at school or in the community

$1100 awarded in 2019 Stan Darling Environmental Scholarship

Town of Gravenhurst OPSEU Local 325 Union Employees

Current GHS student pursuing post-secondary education

Demonstrates inclusivity, community involvement and civic pride

2 awards given – $250 each Town of Gravenhurst OPSEU Local 325

Town of Gravenhurst Community Contribution Award

Current GHS student pursuing post-secondary education

a resident of the Town of Gravenhurst

involved in community programs

demonstrated good citizenship

$500 Online Application

West Wawanosh Mutual Insurance Company Award

Graduating Student

Continuing their education in a post-secondary institution

Pursuing education in the Agricultural Field or a student who may not qualify for other awards but is a deserving recipient

$500  West Wawanosh Bursary


** These awards are given out each year at graduation.

** No applications are required – see criteria provided for each award below. 

** Departmental awards are selected by GHS staff.

Governor General’s Award
The most prestigious academic award.

A bronze medal is awarded to the student who achieves the highest average upon graduation from a secondary school.

The average includes all grade 11 and grade 12 courses as listed on the student’s official Transcript of Grades issued by the ministry of education. The average cannot be anticipated; it must be calculated based on final marks

Equitable access for the entire student population is an important aspect of the medal’s value. Regardless of the stream or the subjects chosen, all students are eligible for consideration upon graduation.

Courses taken after graduation to upgrade marks are not to be included.

Hazelwood Senior Proficiency Awards
student must be in Grade 12

must have an average of over 75% in 5 subjects and have earned proficiency points through their extracurricular involvement in clubs, teams etc…

GHS staff advisor for each extracurricular activity awards proficiency points

GHS staff selects recipient(s) of Hazelwood Award(s)

Ontario Scholar
average of 80% or greater in 6 grade 12 university preparation, university/college preparation, and/or college preparation courses
Principal’s Prize for Student Leadership
Demonstrated leadership while attending Gravenhurst HS

Please submit a written statement to your guidance counsellor to indicate that you wish to be considered for this award.  Statement must include why you are a suitable candidate and list examples that demonstrate your leadership.

$200 awarded in 2019

Silver Moon Rebekah Lodge Award
Graduating student who has demonstrated a noticeable improvement in academics, leadership and/or participation in student life at GHS

$250 awarded in 2019

Student Council Award
student who has made an outstanding contribution to school life over the years and demonstrates involvement in school activities

$300 awarded in 2019

Thornton Award
Graduating student who has made the most outstanding contribution to school life over their years

It is one of the highest honours that may be bestowed upon a GHS student

average of 65% or more

students are nominated by their peers in their graduating class




Gordon Sloan Memorial Music Award

Presented by the Rotary Club of Gravenhurst

Graduating student who has made the greatest contribution to the music program

Selected by music department


GHS Arts Person of the Year Celebrates the artist who has made significant contributions to the arts scene at GHS in this school year

Recipients of this award support the work of their peers and are often talented in several different areas – drama, music and visual arts

Lifetouch Fine Arts Award Presented to the student with the highest mark in grade 12 visual arts


GHS Drama Award Presented to a graduating student for their contribution to Drama Club for the 3 or 4 years at GHS


Spring Into Summer Art Award


Potential to pursue an arts program at a post-secondary institution

Demonstrates financial need

Recipient selected by visual arts teacher

$50 awarded in 2019



TD Canada Trust Business Program Award presented to a graduating student who has completed business courses at the high school level and has plans to pursue business at the post-secondary level

$300 awarded in 2019




GHS Geography/Environmental Studies Award presented to a senior student who has the highest mark in Grade 12 Geography


GHS Canadian and World Studies Award presented to a senior student having attained the highest mark in Grade 11 or 12 humanities


Norm Miller Award presented to the student who has achieved academic excellence and is pursuing post- secondary education in history, law or political science


Muskoka Law Association Bursary Presented to the student who has the highest mark in senior law (college or university pathway) or who has an interest in pursuing a law-related program


Will Davidson Scholarship Demonstrated an interest and proficiency in law course(s)





Gravenhurst Banner University English Award presented to the student with the top mark in Grade 12 university level English


GHS College English Award presented to the student with the top mark in Grade 12 college level English


GHS Workplace English Award presented to the student with the top mark in Grade 12 workplace level English


Hugh Clairmont Creative Writing Award presented to a student based on a written submission of their work in any genre or style in either French or English


GHS French Award presented to the student with the top mark in Grade 12 University level French





GHS University Math Award Presented to a student who experienced a high level of success in at least 2 Grade 12 university level math courses.

This student demonstrates a genuine interest in the field of mathematics


GHS College Math Award presented to a student who has the highest mark in Grade 12 college level math





GHS Health and Physical Education Award presented to a graduating student who has participated in phys-ed classes throughout their high school career and has received high marks in those classes while having a positive attitude and strong work ethic.


GHS Kinesiology Award presented to the student with the highest marks in Grade 12 Introductory Kinesiology



SHSM Award


Presented to a student who has earned the SHSM red seal endorsement and has demonstrated a strong commitment to a career in either the Health & Wellness sector or the Hospitality and Tourism sector.


(2 recipients in 2019, $100 each)




GHS University Science Award presented to a student who has completed at least 2 of the 3 Grade 12 University level science courses.

The student will have shown academic excellence in combination with a genuine curiosity and interest in the process of science.


GHS College Science Award presented to a student who has completed at least 2 of the senior level college science courses and demonstrates skills and knowledge that would make them a good technician in an employment setting.





Derek Vebrugge Memorial Award Eligible students must have demonstrated community involvement, improved academic standing each year, enjoyed co-op work experience, and benefited from support from the Special Education Department (IEP)


CUPE 997 Graduation Award presented to a graduating student who has struggled and succeeded with the help of special education





Gravenhurst Plumbing, Heating and Electrical Award Taken Co-op at GHS

Must be graduating

Attending post-secondary, completing an apprenticeship or moving in to the workplace in an area related to the Co-op experience.


(Chosen by Chip Loughead and the Co-op Co-ordinator)

Ontario Co-operative Education Award Taken co-op at GHS and be in their final graduating year

Most Outstanding Individual in his/her placement and registered at a post-secondary institution related to their Co-op experience


Employment North Award presented to a graduating student going directly into the world of work following high school


OYAP – Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program Award presented to a graduating student who made an outstanding contribution to the Accelerated OYAP program.  The student must be continuing his/her apprenticeship following secondary school.





The Bruce Robertson Automotive Technology Award presented to a graduating student who demonstrates an eagerness to learn, who is mechanically inclined, and is a team player with leadership potential


GHS Construction Technology Award presented to a graduating student whose progress has been outstanding in technology throughout his/her 4 years of high school


GHS Hospitality and Tourism Award presented to the student who has been actively involved in the hospitality program and academically excels in the area of hospitality and tourism

Gift value – $100

Maisie’s Kitchen Hospitality and Tourism Award presented to a student who is intending to continue their studies in the area of hospitality and tourism

dedicated in memory of Maisie Clairmont


GHS Yearbook Award of Merit presented to a student in the yearbook class for his/her outstanding contributions to the Tatler, to honour their dedication, creativity, teamwork and positive attitude

SHSM Award


Presented to a student who has earned the SHSM red seal endorsement and has demonstrated a strong commitment to a career in either the Health & Wellness sector or the Hospitality and Tourism sector.


(2 recipients in 2019, $100 each)



** Please see specific criteria provided below.  All of this applications are sent directly to the overseeing organization/group.




Bala Cranberry Festival Awards and Scholarships


Open to students living in either Muskoka Lakes Township or the town of Bala

Scholarships for skilled trades, performing arts, sports and more!

NOTE: Applications are submitted between Aug. 1st and Oct. 1st, 2019.


 Bracebridge Agricultural Society Bursary


Current GHS student pursuing post-secondary studies in the field of agriculture, veterinary studies, biotechnology, family studies or environmental science. $1000 Applications to be completed and mailed by May 31, to: Bracebridge Agricultural Society, P.O. Box 53, Bracebridge, Ontario P1L 1T5



 CWA Foundation (Canadian Welding)


Supporting students with their post-secondary welding education https://www.cwbweldingfoundation.org/awards

Charlie Esson Stewardship Bursary

be a resident of Ontario in the geographic boundaries that encompasses Parry Sound, Muskoka and Almaguin and an attendee or graduate of one of the six high schools located within these boundaries

must demonstrate acceptance into a recognized college or university program in one of the specified Natural Sciences (Biology, Forestry, Environmental Studies) or related Technologies (Wildlife, Forestry, Environmental Engineering)

$1000 Complete an application form with two supporting letters of recommendation.  While priority will be given to applicants entering first year, all undergraduate and graduate students are invited to apply.


Deadline is May 17, 2019 at 4pm

Clinch Estate Bursary

Live within a 50 mile radius of Port Carling (this includes Gravenhurst)

Current high school student registered and attending university or pursuing a university program at a college

Approx. $500 in previous years Clinch Estate Scholarship

Application deadline is June 30th of current school year.

Apply directly to Scotiatrust c/o Toni Sangster, 402-1321 Blanshard St., Victoria, BC V8W 0B6

“Please impress upon the applicants that it is important that they fully complete the form and attach as much supporting documentation as possible (transcripts of marks, letters of reference etc.)  Payments for any beneficiary under the age of twenty one is made to a parent or guardian of the beneficiary.  Therefore it is important that student applications include date of birth and names and addresses of parent/guardian.  Once all applications are submitted, notification to successful applicants will be made and a proof of registration at the university will be required.”

Huntsville Hospital Foundation

Open to students from the area served by Muskoka East Parry Sound Health Services

Student must be pursuing education in the Health Sciences Field

$500-$1000 Completed application should be sent by students to the Foundation office by mail, fax, or hand by April 25, 2019 by 4 p.m.

Applications can be forwarded by the student to:  Huntsville Hospital Foundation – Scholarship Committee, 4-100 Frank Miller Drive, Huntsville, ON P1H 1H7, T: 789-4756, Email: hhfoundation@mahc.ca



Muskoka Arts and Crafts – Elene J. Freer Art Scholarship

pursuing a post-secondary education in the visual arts

must be attending or have attended high school in Muskoka

$1200 Your application must include a portfolio, letter of intent, copy of your university or college’s acceptance letter and contact information for yourself in Muskoka as well as when you are at school.

Deadline is June 7, 2019



Ontario Provincial Police Youth Foundation Bursary

Graduating student pursuing post-secondary program in an apprenticeship, college or university.

Demonstrate financial need and academic ability.

Participation in OPP summer camp program is optional.

Two bursaries ($1000 each) for each OPP region in Ontario

(GHS is located in the central region)


Professional Engineers of Ontario Simcoe-Muskoka Chapter


Engineering Scholarship

Academic performance

Student must be accepted into a recognized engineering program at an Ontario university.

Community involvement, extracurricular activities, leadership positions…

Up to $3000 available PEO-SM Scholarship Application

Application deadline is Aug. 31st of each year.

Please visit the link below for additional information.


Please send the completed form and attachments to the Education Director at: education@peo-simcoemuskoka.com

Sean Kelly Memorial Bursary – Muskoka Men of Song

must be a resident of Bracebridge, Gravenhurst or the Township of Muskoka Lakes

must be pursuing advanced training/education in music, and is experiencing financial limitations and/or accessibility to instruction

Application and complete list of instructions available at the link below.

Deadline is April 15, 2019


South Muskoka Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Student Scholarship

must be graduating from GHS, BMLSS or ST. Doms.

must be in the process of applying to a recognized post-secondary school in the Health Sciences field.

Best candidates will have contributed to their school and community in a volunteer or participatory capacity.

$1000 See link below for requirements and online application form.


Township of Muskoka Lakes Ratepayers Association Bursary

Reside in the Township of Muskoka Lakes (Glen Orchard, Bala, Port Carling) $750 Complete an application form – student to send the application to the Association.

Township of Muskoka Lakes Ratepayers Association Bursary application

Applications are due by May 15th


Check with your parent or guardian employers.  They often have awards or bursaries for children of their employees.

Check out these websites as well:

Scholar Tree