Friday, September 6th, 2019 WEEK 1: A, B, C, D

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The town of Gravenhurst is looking to employ students to be Skate Patrollers for this upcoming season.  Please see the announcement on the job posting board outside the Guidance Office.  You must apply before September 13th.

The town of Gravenhurst is also looking for students to sit on their Youth Council committee.  Any interested students can contact Ms. Walker in the co-op office for more information.

The first ever GHS Girls Who Code club is launching next week! Check in with McP If you’re interested in signing up for this awesome new opportunity!

Are you looking to complete your volunteer hours?  The Town of Gravenhurst is looking for volunteers for the Children’s Festival being held on Saturday September 28th.  Volunteers can help to run carnival games, take tickets or even do some photography for the event.  Check out the bulletin board outside the guidance office or see Ms. Humphries in guidance for more details.


Are you looking to earn a little extra cash?  The Town of Gravenhurst is currently looking to hire a part time library page.  Check out the posting outside the guidance office door or see Ms. Humphries for more details.

If you are interested in being in a play, or doing some improv, or helping with an event like Spooktacular, or doing ANYTHING drama-related this year, come by the drama room at the start of lunch on Friday. We’ll have a meeting to discuss all the possibilities and dreams! No commitment, just come check us out!

Do you like drama? Not like “Oh no Melinda, those shoes are tragic” drama, but like putting on plays and stuff? Maybe some improv? Maybe some Hallowe’en haunted house? If any of this sounds like fun, come to the drama room today at lunch. No commitment, just hear about our theatre department and sign up for things you might be interested in. And be nice to Melinda about her shoes. See you today at the beginning of lunch!

Ladies anddddd Gentlemennnnnnn ITS ROBOT FIGHTING TIME.

That’s right GHS, Gryphtech robotics is back for our 3rd season and Gryphtech is ready to give our opponents heck.

Whether you like robots, programming, building, designing, advertising, fund raising or gaming….we want you.

Attend an information meeting in the new robotics room in the tech hall on Tues, september 10, at 11:30.  Come meet HAL….OUR GRYPHTECH ROBOT and watch the 2020 teaser; FIRST RISE powered by Star wars: force for change

Be part of the future….join Gryphtech robotics

From the Sports Desk:

Attention senior boys who golf.  If you are interested in golfing for GHS this fall, please come to an informational meeting at the beginning of lunch in room 210 today.

Girls basketball is starting!!!  All interested senior and junior players please meet Mr. vanKooten and Mrs. Kent in the Trillium room  on MONDAY at the beginning of lunch for an information meeting.  See you there!