College Application Process


Explore your college options

• visit

• attend a CIP event (College Information Program)

• take a campus tour

• review college websites

• research program admission requirements

***meet with Mrs. Schandlen to ensure you have all your requirements to graduate high school





Search for programs using the Find A Program feature at and

save your favourites to a wishlist




  • Go to and click on APPLY
  • Create an account by selecting a username and password (Note: Password is cAse SensiTive.)
  • Write down your username (Keep your password in a safe place.)
  • Write down your account number and your application number (Keep these in a safe place)
  • Complete the application including program choices.  You may select up to five programs with no more than three program choices at any one college.  Be sure to list your choices in order of preference.
  • Pay for your $95 application fees online by credit card, online banking or by mailing in your payment. You

may also call the Customer Contact Centre to make your payment by phone.

  • Check your email inbox for a message from with your account information. (If you did not

receive an email, check your junk mail/ spam folder to make sure you receive all of your mail)

  • College deadline is February 1, 2017)