Monday, February 5, 2018 WEEK 1: A, B, C, D

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“Attention students heading to college or university! Thanks to OSAP a third of all full-time students going to college or university are currently getting free tuition. Visit Ontario dot C-A slash OSAP ( to see how much you can get, and apply for OSAP.”

Take a moment to check out the display case in the T. You’ll find 16 posters for 16 musicals. But don’t worry: we’re not doing 16 musicals this year. We’re only doing one. Can you make a lucky pick? Each day this week, we’ll remove a few of the fake choices. Come to an information meeting Friday at lunch in the music room to find out the real winning choice

A reminder to those boys with the invites that tomorrow is the  initial information session for the Quest Program.  It takes place tomorrow at 10:15 in the Drama Room.  Hope to see you there.

The Gravenhurst Winter Carnival is the most fun way to earn volunteer hours! The sign-up sheet is at the main office, grab some friends and add your name to snag the shifts that work for you. Work crowd control at the demolition derby, move barriers at the Radar Runs and Puddle Jumping, patrol Snow Mountain or manage the uptown events. You can even be Skokie! It runs February 15-19, so sign up early to get the jobs and shifts that work for you and your friends!

If you are enrolled in Peer Tutoring, which is course code GPP3O, you will be meeting in the ARR until your placement is established, so head to the ARR during your assigned Peer Tutoring period.


Bus 323 is running late.