Thursday, November 7, 2019 WEEK 2: D, C, B, A

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College and university visits continue TODAY with the University of Ottawa in room 150 at lunch.

BOWLS FOR SALE – Check out the display case at the T to see all of the leftovers from Empty Bowls.  Bowls are for sale for $3/each and make great gifts for special occasions. Come see Mrs. Bulloch in room 133 to buy your special bowl.

The Minecraft Gravenhurst initiative meets TODAY after school in the library. Each week we build our coding, GIS, CAD, digital animation and 3D printing abilities. Minecrafters even earn volunteer hours! New members always welcome: You don’t need any prior experience, just an interest in innovation!

Green Gryphon composting is now available in the cafeteria. Be sure to read the sign to learn what can go in. Do your part.

Today at lunch in the drama room: we are continuing to write the play for the Theatre Festival. It’s not too late to join our writers room if you’re interested. We’re trying to reproduce a 1978 sitcom, so that’s interesting. Today’s probably the last opportunity to join up, so see you at lunch if you’re interested.

If you have paid for a Halloween dance ticket and still haven’t received your refund, please come to the ‘T’ at lunch today and tomorrow.  If you have any fundraising questions, come visit us then too!

Are you looking for volunteer hours?  Pasta dinners, the Santa Claus Parade, Winter Carnival…  The opportunities are endless! See the postings outside the guidance office or speak to Ms. Humphries.

Still hoping to try cheerleading? Wondering what it feels like to be part of a cheer pyramid? Come to the meeting today at 11:30 in room 149. Ask the coach all your questions. Hand in your permission forms. Bring a friend and get ready to try something new!!