Wednesday, May 23, 2018 WEEK 3: B, A, D, C

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Numbers…….The following numbers are important for our Grade 12 Students……The first number is in the form of a date – May 31st  – this is the deadline to apply for FREE MONEY to assist with college and university.   Thirty nine is the next number.  This is the number of students who are heading to college and university in September and are eligible to apply for FREE MONEY!  Seven!  Seven is the number of students who have actually handed in applications for FREE MONEY!  The final number is SEVEN again.  This is the number of school days left to submit applications for FREE MONEY!    Don’t miss out.  The Countdown to submit your applications is on……See Mrs. Schandlen if you need assistance in applying.

To those students who are participating in the Blue Jays Trip tomorrow:

There has been some confusion in the bus time, please be ready at the front of the school for 7:30am.

Remember to bring a lunch or money to purchase one.

Last week at improv, we watched Betty White and Bob Ross go on a first date. Later, we explored the subtle differences between beting diabolical and diabetical. Finally, we learned that you should never mess with the outgoing girls. Join us today at lunch in the drama room for more improv fun. No experience necessary. Everybody’s welcome!

Tonight! The senior drama class presents an evening of theatre. Come see six short plays tonight at 6:30. Admission is by any affordable donation. Even pocket lint! Some shows are funny, some shows are poignant, all the shows are well acted. See you tonight in the cafeteria.