Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 WEEK 1: A, B, C, D

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Dual Credit Opportunities are now available for this semester!  If you are interested in earning an extra high school credit in Developing Leadership, Electrical Installations, or Art, please speak with Mrs. Schandlen in Guidance to Register.  Classes start next week so don’t miss out!

The Parking lot at the Church will not be available Thursday morning.

There will be a meeting today for all students interested in being a part of the GHS Band Program.  All students wanting to be a part of the Senior Concert Band, the Junior Band, and the Jazz Band please meet Miss Menard in the music room today after school for a brief meeting and sign up.  Remember, even if you are not taking music this semester or this year, you are still welcome to come out – the more the merrier!  Once we have numbers, we will start up immediately.  Looking forward to a great year of music making!  See you after school today!

Two volunteers are needed for this Saturdays Severn Bridge fall fair to run two games.  If you are interested, speak with Mrs. Schandlen in guidance.

How do you defend yourself from an angry gorilla wielding an egg beater? How do you save the orphans from a burning building? How do you score a first date with someone who gets hit by a train every seven seconds? IMPROV!

TODAY at lunch, our drama season kicks off with a drop-in improv in the drama room. Everyone is welcome to come and see what drama is all about at GHS. You don’t have to have any experience, and you don’t have to be ready for the spotlight. Our meeting will also cover how to audition for the competitive improv team, but you don’t have to be involved in that to come to our drop-ins.

Check out the posters for more information. There are nine different ones around the school. Find all nine and Mr. Sacrey will give you a high five. What the heck, he’ll probably give you one anyway, if you come to improv today at lunch in the drama room.

From the Sports Desk:

All boys, I repeat all boys interested in playing junior or senior volleyball, please come to a meeting today at lunch in the gym.  If you are unable to make it to the meeting, please speak with Mrs. Clarke.

Interested in golfing for GHS this fall?

Come meet with Mr. Gilbert and Ms. Menard today at the beginning of lunch in room 210!

Just a reminder to all students interested in trying out for a fall sport, there will be several mandatory team meetings being held this week at lunch.

Those interested in senior boys or girls’ golf there will be a meeting today at 11:30 in room 210

If you are interested in cross country running, your meeting is today at 11:30 in room 215

Boys interested in playing volleyball your meeting is today at 11:30 in the gym with Mrs. Clarke

And finally, all girls interested in playing basketball your meeting will be tomorrow (Thursday) in the chemistry room, at the beginning of lunch.